Heather g.

general manager

In 2009, I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a BFA in Painting, BS/BA in Marketing, and a Minor in Art History.  You could say I really loved school.  However, I have been in this industry since I was born.  I'm Jerry's granddaughter and this store is my life.  I do figurative oil paintings in my down time and tons of reading but for the most part, you will find me here and happy to help you find what you're looking for...even if you don't know that yourself.



sam g.

Canvas Manager

Dedicated To The Human Figure, New York artist Sam Goodsell has been studying and practicing figurative painting for over twenty years. In that time he has amassed an expansive collection of portraits that capture the essence of his subjects with dazzling color and penetrating compositions. Known for his pastel work, Mr. Goodsell is also an accomplished oil painter. Outside of the studio, Sam has been the subject of various articles in well-established art magazines as well as being featured in videos. Goodsell's work has recently become a part of the permanent collection of the University of Southern California Fisher Museum of Art. He currently demonstrates and teaches in the New York area.





amber s.

administration & inventory control

Amber enjoys reading fiction and watching historical documentaries on Netflix. She loves dancing (like a Taylor Swift at award shows) and singing horribly to really great music. Amber hopes that you have a splendid day because you are worth it.


alcides t.


Alcides is a self trained artist, illustrator, digital painter and graphic designer. He thinks of art as a process of expressing to those around you your take on how the world works, to provoke thought and push the mind to see the things that are mostly hidden in plain sight. "I have gained through my years by trial and error a knowledge of how to use artist materials to my advantage. Only my imagination is the dreamer of dreams divine inspiration is the muse of creation and execution, i.e. the finished work."

Michael B. Cruz


A New York native, Michael studied at the New York Institute of Technology, graduating top of his class, receiving a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. Whether it be his first editorial ad published in Untitled Magazine, or his hands on branding and product design under Rivington Design House, Michael is a firm believer in never confining oneself to only one design focus. Using clean, visually appealing designs and an intense attention to detail, he desires to find the uniqueness in every design challenge put forth to him. Currently working as Creative Manager at Jerry’s International Palette Shop, Michael is constantly pursuing new and exciting projects to engage in. 



Art Reach




John Fleming is a visual artist, specializing in painting from Queens, New York. He just graduated from Hunter College with a BFA in 2016 and is now based in Brooklyn starting out his own independent practice. John uses a number of acrylic mediums and formats to produce large paintings on canvas and other platforms. Most of the work emphasizes surface and virtual space boundaries through literal difference of surface texture. Clumps, transparency, and structure are all keywords. John’s paintings tend to make a conscious effort to “intrude” on the 3D territory of sculpture but are grounded in the conventions of painting as scaffolding.