20% Off Mungyo Handmade Soft Pastels & Pastel Shaper on the day of the demo


Sam Goodsell will be demonstrating soft pastel techniques using Mungyo Gallery Handmade Pastels.

New York artist Sam Goodsell has been studying and practicing figurative painting for over twenty years. In that time he has amassed an expansive collection of portraits that capture the essence of his subjects with dazzling color and penetrating compositions.

Known for his pastel work, Mr. Goodsell is also an accomplished oil painter. Outside of the studio, Sam has been the subject of various articles in well-established art magazines and featured in videos. He demos and teaches in the New York area.

Now you can experience all the softness, brilliance, and luxury of European-style hand rolled pastels in these amazing, value-priced sets from Mungyo! NeGallery Handmade Soft Pastels are a sumptuous treat for any pastel artist, and use only the finest pigments and kaolin clay. As they are individually hand rolled, less binder is needed to hold the color together, making for an exceptionally soft pastel ideal for subtle blends, rich color lay down, and lush layering. Only superior pigments with the highest lightfast ratings are used, and all colors are rated AP non-toxic. Gallery Handmade Pastels even match perfectly with Mungyo's line of machine-made Extra-Fine Soft Pastels, working together to create rich layers of softer Handmade over slightly harder Extra-Fine pastels.

The Pastel Tool That's So Simple, It's Brilliant!


Imagined by a pastel artist and engineered based on her research, this innovative product from HG Art Concepts allows you to shape your pastels to a variety of shapes or points, giving you better pastel control when painting. The Pastel Shaper’s unique jar allows you to collect the pastel powder created by shaping your pastels; use it for painting backgrounds with pastel brushes, using to block backgrounds in with solvents, paint with soft pastel tools or foam applicators, or even your finger. No more wasting valuable pigment by sharpening on a sanding pad! Simply rotate the pastel against the wire mesh to create the shape or point you want. It’s simple, quick and convenient!