Join us on Saturday, March 25th from 3 - 6 PM for a free portrait demo from Richard Weinstein using Turner Artist Watercolors.

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Richard Weinstein is a classically-trained painter based in NYC. Aesthetically influenced by the Venetian, Baroque, Orientalist, and the Barbizon artists, his artistic interests are found in diversity and culture. He aims to paint portraits and genre scenes from a traveler’s perspective, being intrigued by the commonalities in us all, but also those daily rituals, fashions, or details that make us incredibly different. He strives to show a dignity and value in being “Ordinary” and “Mundane”, and an appreciation for “Rawness” over anything “Refined”.

Richard graduated from School of Visual Arts' Illustration department before going on to study at Art Students League. At ASL, he earned the Phyllis Mason Grant while studying oil portraiture and also figurative watercolor under notable artists Ron Sherr, Irwin Greenberg, Max Ginsburg, and Sharon Sprung. Simultaneously, Richard also spent many years doing murals for Evergreene Studios, various editorial caricature illustrations, commercial storyboards, became a visiting painting instructor for the prestigious Doon School in Dehradun, India (Spring 2012), and since Fall 2012 has been teaching Illustration at the prestigious High School of Art and Design in Manhattan. Presently, Richard can be found somewhere between his studio, full-time teaching, and sketching…. somewhere…. 

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