Join Savoir-Faire’s Pierre Yan Guidetti for an evening of French Paint (and French Wine)!

Special Guest: Brandon Soloff of Chelsea Classical Studio

Pierre will discuss his relationship with his mentors, Dominique Sennelier of Sennelier Paris, and Steve Steinberg of New York Central. These two historic, and many times legendary stores have been continually compared. Though separated by the Atlantic Ocean, they shared a passion and Artist Driven philosophy that was equal only to each other.

Pierre, who has been an art materials expert for more than 35 years, was educated by Dominique Sennelier in the French Art world of the 19th and 20th century, and guided by Steve Steinberg into the New York art scene of the 1980’s.

These two individuals have given Pierre knowledge of art and art materials beyond that of the schools, art museums, historians and conservators that he has had countless interactions with. The three of them had collaborated on numerous occasions to develop new products for the American Artists. Their collaborations were fueled by the needs and desires of artists such as Willem DeKooning, Frank Stella and Joan Mitchell, as well as many more.

Please join Pierre as he shares with you his history and anecdotes surrounding Sennelier & New York Central.

In addition, we will have our dear friend, Brandon Soloff of Chelsea Classical Studio School of Fine Art to partake in conversation and assist in showcasing materials and participate in hands on demonstration of Sennelier Oil Media.