Join us for our third annual Turner Party on Sunday, September 6th for art, sushi, and sake! We will have 2 demo artists this year: Richard Weinstein and Lorelei Land and there will be plenty of material to go around so you can try Turner for yourself! Test some paint, meet some artists, and enjoy the complimentary sushi and sake provided by Turner Colour Works!

Turner Colour Works, founded in Japan in 1946, supplies artists all over the world with unique, radiant colors in a variety of mediums. Turner has solidified itself as one of the most diversified art materials company, formulating paints such as several lines of acryl gouache, watercolors, fabric paints, and more.


Lorelei Land’s passion for drawing people and animals started as far back as she can remember. Encouraged by her parents and her fine artist grandmother, Lorelei never doubted that artistic desire and skill can lead to an interesting and awesome career. As a teen, sketching the model on Saturdays at Art Students League and drawing the people in action in Central Park kept her eye and hand keen.

Currently Lorelei explores and incorporates multi media into her commercial illustration and fine arts and her teaching. Seeing her students explore their creativity and express themselves through a variety of mediums is a real joy. She’s hired by individuals, companies  and event venues to sketch and paint individuals at small and intimate to large high profile events. Additionally she also brings her big canvas to parties and paints the celebration ( including the revelers!). More recently, people have been her canvas for decorative designs, as well as specific issues and challenges that people face as they move through life, painted in her signature style.

Lorelei will create a large canvas at Jerry’s and demo the smooth and delicious vibrance of Turner Acryl Gouche. Your portrait might also be included in the finished canvas!