Have you been wanting to try airbrush but don't want to invest hundreds of dollars in something you know nothing about?  Well, stop by the Palette Shop this Saturday, July 11th for a FREE airbrush demo by our very own Alcides Torres.  He will show you all of the basics of what you need, how to set up your machine, and how to get started.  But the best part? He will be using all products from Creative Air. 

Creative Air believes everyone with a creative spirit should airbrush. No matter if you want to paint a picture or enhance one, or if you want to glaze a painting or bisqueware! The engineers at Creative Air have created a line of products to handle any media and to provide spray patterns from ultra detail to broad coverage. They are easy to use and are reasonably priced! All complete sets take the guess work out of what to buy. Cleaning is easy, too. Simply spray water or solvent through the airbrush and into the cleaning pot!


Now it is time to create, experiment, and have fun. Creative Air sets the new standard for performance and value!