SOHO Jumbo Street Pastels- Specially formulated pastels designed for painting on pavement and sidewalks! These have the same rich and brilliant pigments as our artist jumbo pastels, but with a bit more durability for the rugged street terrain. They are also fantastic for wall murals on cement, concrete block, or brick. Our formulation blends well, is super vibrant, and allows for even wear with less crumbling. 

SOHO Jumbo Soft Pastels- These super pigmented soft pastels offer maximum color at a minimum investment. With the growing popularity of large-scale works, many pastel artists were seeking a jumbo stick for sketching, drawing, and use for backgrounds. The offerings on the market were slim- either expensive, poor quality, or not truly jumbo. After extensive testing, we have developed a stick with a size, shape, color range, and performance that is unmatched. The price point makes it a cost-efficient sketch media for multimedia artists and students alike, besides pastel artists. These highly pigmented, lightfast and non-toxic pastels will provide a surplus of broad, sweeping strokes on large and small surfaces. Use for backgrounds or on large scale pastel paintings, or in mixed-media applications.